Fashion and Photography: Laurie Bartley

Hello everyone! Time just keeps flying but I feel like I really should write something for you guys, and I want to share some knowledge with you.
To start, I want to say that I love photography. I've been really taking it up and decided that instead of getting a job, I want to advertise as a freelance photographer. I also decided to put my fashion magazines to good use, and started taking notes (literally taking notes and studying magazines) on things I liked (I'm planning on telling you about that soon, pinky swear!).
Anyways, while I was reading the March 2013 issue of Elle, there was a photo story that stood out to me, and I had to know why. I analyzed the photos, the clothes, the model, everything. I figured out that I loved the photography. Usually the models and clothes catch me, but I didn't particularly like either in this case, and I spent more time on it than any other story. That is a good photographer.
His name is Laurie Bartley, and after doing a quick Google search, I fell in love. He is definitely my current favorite photographer, and I'll show you why:

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I Missed You!

Hey everyone, I am so sorry I abandoned you all again! I had a crazy term with school, and a really hard time keeping up my blog. I'm going to try (try) super hard to keep it up this time around.

I guess what I want to know, if you'd be so kind as to comment, is if you have any tips for keeping up your blog. I'd love some advice, and you all are my favorite most trusted people in the world. If you don't want to leave a comment, I'd also love an e-mail.

Next, I did not forget about my giveaway, I am still working on it. I swear. Again, this term has been hard and I also haven't been able to pay for postage because I'm officially unemployed. I'm sorry I didn't reply to the e-mails asking about it, I'll try to keep up on them from now on!

I love you all, I promise I'm going to write something great soon. Also, I'm thinking about doing videos, tell me what you think!

PS: I hope you all like my re-invented look. I want to look a little more "growed up."

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To Make Your Day...

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share this video with you guys because I think it is so funny, and I totally support them and their cause. Watch it and tell me what you think!

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Let the Countdown Begin!

Hello everyone! I hope February has started out well for everyone. So far mine is great, and I am getting so excited for Valentine's Day! Well, actually the day after. I have school and work all day so the 15th will be my date day. This post is for the dateless as well as the girls with a date!

I know some people hate Valentine's Day, but I think that maybe they need to look into some new possibilities so that V-Day doesn't suck so bad. Here's some great ideas for if you don't have a date:
1: Have a dinner and a movie with your friends! Even if you don't have a guy in your life, your girls love you. Go out with them for the night!
2: Set up a Secret Santa: Valentine's Edition between your friends. Everybody draws a random name and you surprise that friend with a gift. The point is to keep the gift-giver a secret!
3: You and your friends can also spend time together doing cute nail art or making accessories (Like friendship bracelets!)
4: You're a strong independent woman, so spoil yourself! Make some sweet treats or give yourself a pedicure. Or if you have the money, go get the mani-pedi. You don't need others to have a good time.
5: Make yourself a Valentine's card. This works better if you do it before the big day, that way you can open it on that day as a pick me up. (Tell yourself how beautiful you are!

Next up: What to wear to your date and what to do with your Valentine if you don't have a date idea!

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My Favorite Blogs

Hello to all the lovely people in the world today! I have been wanting to do this for a while, it's a post on the blogs that inspire me most. The first two are blogs that I read when I took a break from blogging. They made me want to jump back on the horse ASAP. The other two are ones I've found recently, and LOVE.
Click below to read more.

Also, don't forget that I'm doing a giveaway!

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