Take Two: The Start of a New Year

Let me first say, I'm sorry I was gone for so long. My life had gotten extremely busy with school and work. Now, I've decided to start again. I hope it goes well this time!

Anyways, happy new year to anyone who continues reading and to whatever new readers I get! I am not fond of resolutions because I think they usually just cause stress and failure, so they're a bit of a waste. I do however, have a goal to keep up my blog this year. It was officially written as something I wanted to do in November. So, this is where effort is going.

Today's trend of the day on the Vogue Italia website is colored lace! I already love lace so much but the different colors make it so much more flexible. Black and darker reds are typically punkier, pastels are girly and so ready for spring. Lace can go from being formal to party, just because of the color. It's something that you can find on runways and in every store, and it's even on some people who aren't fashion-savvy. Basically, I love the flexibility. 
[Left photo from vogue.it; Read on for more looks]

[Left: Colored pencil pants with lace accents; Right: Green lace dress from ASOS $87.95]
[Left: Sheer lace top from Forever 21, $19.80; Right: Taylor Swift rocks a dress with a red lace overlay]
[Left: Pink lace shorts, you can buy them here for $48; Right: Lace blazer, you can buy here for $34.99]
Two of my favorite items with colored lace that I own are a coral top with a lace black and my tangerine lace dress. This is the only picture I have in the shirt (With a neon green bra to really pop!), but I can't find any with the dress. I promise I'll show you later!

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2 Responses to Take Two: The Start of a New Year

  1. Hey Aspen, I give you permission to use any content on my blog for your post. Thank you! Your blog has mad potential (great format and cute fashion finds), so keep posting. If you don't mind, I'd love to promote your blog on my IFB. And where did you get the theme? Mine is a little, ummmm, lackluster.

    1. Thanks a bunch! Go ahead and promote mine as well. I used a pre-made theme I found online, and the link to it as at the bottom. I just changed the background, colors, and some of the links. I know enough to change a code, but I could never code one myself!


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