A Giveaway?

Hello everyone! Do you remember that DIY on Chinese Staircase tutorial I did? Well, I'm going to give one away to each of my first 10 subscribers to share this picture. Here's what you do:
1: Subscribe!
2: Share this photo on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram, and feel free to use hashtags (Instagram-friendly photo here)
3: Send me an e-mail linking to where you shared it
4: The first 10 e-mails get a bracelet!

Winners so far: 2/10

Here's what else I need to know:
What size is your wrist? What four colors do you want and in what order? Where can I mail it to?

You can also ask any questions at my e-mail or in the comments. I have all kinds of basic colors and in light and dark. Just ask and I'll tell you what I have! (I'm also going to have a color chart up ASAP.

E-Mail to aspeyslittleheart@gmail.com

Can't wait to hear from everyone!
PS: Don't forget that I have links to Twitter, Instagram, etc. in the top right of the page if you want to follow me there too!

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