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Fashion and Photography: Laurie Bartley

Hello everyone! Time just keeps flying but I feel like I really should write something for you guys, and I want to share some knowledge with you.
To start, I want to say that I love photography. I've been really taking it up and decided that instead of getting a job, I want to advertise as a freelance photographer. I also decided to put my fashion magazines to good use, and started taking notes (literally taking notes and studying magazines) on things I liked (I'm planning on telling you about that soon, pinky swear!).
Anyways, while I was reading the March 2013 issue of Elle, there was a photo story that stood out to me, and I had to know why. I analyzed the photos, the clothes, the model, everything. I figured out that I loved the photography. Usually the models and clothes catch me, but I didn't particularly like either in this case, and I spent more time on it than any other story. That is a good photographer.
His name is Laurie Bartley, and after doing a quick Google search, I fell in love. He is definitely my current favorite photographer, and I'll show you why:

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I Missed You!

Hey everyone, I am so sorry I abandoned you all again! I had a crazy term with school, and a really hard time keeping up my blog. I'm going to try (try) super hard to keep it up this time around.

I guess what I want to know, if you'd be so kind as to comment, is if you have any tips for keeping up your blog. I'd love some advice, and you all are my favorite most trusted people in the world. If you don't want to leave a comment, I'd also love an e-mail.

Next, I did not forget about my giveaway, I am still working on it. I swear. Again, this term has been hard and I also haven't been able to pay for postage because I'm officially unemployed. I'm sorry I didn't reply to the e-mails asking about it, I'll try to keep up on them from now on!

I love you all, I promise I'm going to write something great soon. Also, I'm thinking about doing videos, tell me what you think!

PS: I hope you all like my re-invented look. I want to look a little more "growed up."

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To Make Your Day...

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share this video with you guys because I think it is so funny, and I totally support them and their cause. Watch it and tell me what you think!

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Let the Countdown Begin!

Hello everyone! I hope February has started out well for everyone. So far mine is great, and I am getting so excited for Valentine's Day! Well, actually the day after. I have school and work all day so the 15th will be my date day. This post is for the dateless as well as the girls with a date!

I know some people hate Valentine's Day, but I think that maybe they need to look into some new possibilities so that V-Day doesn't suck so bad. Here's some great ideas for if you don't have a date:
1: Have a dinner and a movie with your friends! Even if you don't have a guy in your life, your girls love you. Go out with them for the night!
2: Set up a Secret Santa: Valentine's Edition between your friends. Everybody draws a random name and you surprise that friend with a gift. The point is to keep the gift-giver a secret!
3: You and your friends can also spend time together doing cute nail art or making accessories (Like friendship bracelets!)
4: You're a strong independent woman, so spoil yourself! Make some sweet treats or give yourself a pedicure. Or if you have the money, go get the mani-pedi. You don't need others to have a good time.
5: Make yourself a Valentine's card. This works better if you do it before the big day, that way you can open it on that day as a pick me up. (Tell yourself how beautiful you are!

Next up: What to wear to your date and what to do with your Valentine if you don't have a date idea!

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My Favorite Blogs

Hello to all the lovely people in the world today! I have been wanting to do this for a while, it's a post on the blogs that inspire me most. The first two are blogs that I read when I took a break from blogging. They made me want to jump back on the horse ASAP. The other two are ones I've found recently, and LOVE.
Click below to read more.

Also, don't forget that I'm doing a giveaway!

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Paris Blues

Hello everyone! I just wanted to do a quick post so you all could see these AMAZING photos from Allison Harvard's Instagram. Shot by Bryan Kong.

For anyone who doesn't know who Allison Harvard is, she was runner up on two seasons of America's Next Top Model. The first time in cycle 12, and she was also on America's Next Top Model All Stars. She was a very shy contestant, but was well known for her creepy eyes. (She was also well known on 4chan as "creepy chan") She did have a good knowledge of the fashion industry and was very talented. She also paints, and you can buy her art on Etsy. For more information, just google her!

Allison Harvard has always been one of my favorite models from ANTM, and I love everything she does. When I saw this it took my breath away, and I can't wait to see more!
What do you think? Who are some of your favorite models?

PS: Sorry about the quality, I imagine they looked much better prior to being posted on Instagram.

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Forever 21+ Winter Commercial

Forever 21+ is probably my absolute most favorite thing in the world. Not only is it made for me and my curvy sisters, but it fits, and it's cute! (Bonus: Doesn't take my whole paycheck to buy one shirt) Usually, plus size clothing is so blah. We get stuck wearing boring clothes with killer shoes and accessories, because they'll fit anyways. It's a little frustrating really, but if there's one place that gets it, it's Forever 21+.
Today, I ordered some more things online from the store, and then decided to check out the blog. This video was featured, so I had to see it. I really like it. It's just like anyone else's commercial campaign, but it's for big girls. I think this store (and the others who are starting to sell plus size) are going to help people realize the huge market there is for plus sized women. I think that someday, fashion really will see all bodies as beautiful.

What do you all think? Do you have a favorite place to shop (it doesn't have to be plus-sized!)

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In a DIY Mood

I have been looking at so many DIY projects lately! I have so many different thing I want to do at this point. I also wanted to start a series of bracelet DIYs for those who love friendship bracelets (like me!) Here's some DIY inspiration to make your day:

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January Wishlist

This is my second wishlist, and looking back on my old one, I really felt that I needed to make a new one.
1: Jeffrey Campbell "Holly Roller" boots (in black and brown) $318
2: Modcloth "Fame Game" Wedges $43
3: H&M Sweater $24.95
4: Urban Decay "Naked Basics" Eye Palette $27
5: Betsey Johnson Cross-body $68
6: Forever 21+ Lace Skirt $22.80
7: Wetseal Pop Trim Cross-body $24.50
8: Ruche Dress $45
9: Modcloth "Worth Every Scent" Wallet $20
10: Forever 21 Wedge Sandals $29.80

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A Giveaway?

Hello everyone! Do you remember that DIY on Chinese Staircase tutorial I did? Well, I'm going to give one away to each of my first 10 subscribers to share this picture. Here's what you do:
1: Subscribe!
2: Share this photo on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram, and feel free to use hashtags (Instagram-friendly photo here)
3: Send me an e-mail linking to where you shared it
4: The first 10 e-mails get a bracelet!

Winners so far: 2/10

Here's what else I need to know:
What size is your wrist? What four colors do you want and in what order? Where can I mail it to?

You can also ask any questions at my e-mail or in the comments. I have all kinds of basic colors and in light and dark. Just ask and I'll tell you what I have! (I'm also going to have a color chart up ASAP.

E-Mail to

Can't wait to hear from everyone!
PS: Don't forget that I have links to Twitter, Instagram, etc. in the top right of the page if you want to follow me there too!

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Stress Relief

Hey everyone! I just finished my first week back to school and work and it has been INTENSE. I'm in my 5th term of college, and the classes definitely are not getting easier. So, I don't have a lot of time to post, but I thought I'd tell you guys how I prevent myself from imploding.

1: If I have money, shopping is awesome. I can go every weekend when I start getting paid. My biggest piece of advice to avoid causing more stress is to set a very strict budget. I recently bought some Betsey Johnson bracelets online (still waiting to get them!) and now I have to have Elijah buy me lunch. Bad choice there.

2: Another thing to do with money is get a pedicure, ESPECIALLY in the winter! So nobody will see the cute polish you got on your toes, but you will get a foot massage and a lot of warm water. Grab some hot chocolate on the way and you'll be set.

3: What if you don't have money? That's more of my case right now. So, you can do a DIY pedicure. It's not as good, but it will work. Soak your feet and paint your toes. It's almost zen-like how well this works.

4: Bubble baths and chocolate! This is a personal favorite. Just soak in a bubble bath, bring some dove chocolates, and listen to some music to boost your mood.

5: TV, Movie, etc. I love to snuggle up in my warm bed and watch some old ANTM or Iron Man. I could probably never do anything else if I could do that for a living.

6: Yoga is a life-saver. I recently fell down my stairs and sprained my ankle and got a few bruises (and totally ruined my phone) but nothing major. However, I can't do yoga right now. I wish I could. Some people think it's not relaxing, but it's a lighter workout (and workouts always work) and you still feel nice afterwards. It relieves a lot of soreness, and you can't think about all your deadlines or fights you've had when you're a pretzel who is trying to feel the energy and breathe properly. There's a bunch of great beginner's videos on YouTube if you need something to get you started!

7: Last one for today, just light a candle. If you really need to keep working, get a candle in your favorite scent (I love sugar cookies!) and light it up nearby. The scent will help you feel a little better while you continue to work.

These are my current top-strategies. What do you do to manage stress? Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

Thanks for reading!

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A Big XXI Box!

Today I came home to this big box from Forever 21!!

I ordered some stuff online a little while ago, because my boyfriend gave me a $100 gift card for Christmas! (I never would've thought he could afford this.) The box just came in and I was so excited! I'm probably wearing some of it tomorrow. Read more for the rest of the pictures!

Also, I would like to apologize for the short posts, it's going to be very scarce now that I'm at school. My classes are gonna be tough!!

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Time for a Change

I love pink. I love it a lot. However, a lot of people really had no clue that my hair has been pink for the past month or so. Why? I hated it. I had an image in my head, and it came out the opposite. I never took many pictures of it, I just wasn't fond. I did take a few pictures, which are here for you to see so that you can understand my change.

So, because I hated it, I ordered something a little different. See the journey in the pictures below, and see how I went from pink to this:

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Subtle Sequins

 Who love sequins? Everyone! Are they easy to wear on a regular day? No. I wouldn't say so. Unless we do with this look here.

You can take any sequin dress or tank top and put a slightly open-knit sweater over it and viola! Sequins are an everyday thing. The little bit of sparkle always gets attention and the sweater keeps things from being a little too sparkly (which is never good.) I pair mine with jeans or leggings and boots usually, but it's flexible enough to do anything! Play with girly pink sequins, sex red ones, or just black. This look is all about you!

Sweater: American Eagle; Sequin top: Charolette Russe; Jeans: Forever 21+; Purse: H&M; Lipstick: Maybelline Superstay in Ravishing Rouge

Photos taken with a Nikon D3100 and 18-55mm lens by Elijah Hayter

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Getting Ready for the First Day Back

I currently attend my local community college and go back from break this Monday (Already!?). Seeing as it's time to get preparing, I thought I'd do a post of the back-to-school basics. This post is a checklist as well as a collage of my backpack basics. Keep reading for more!

What should already be done:

  • Register/Pay for classes
    • We usually have to do this part in the middle of the term prior to the one we're going into. Always register ASAP so you don't get stuck with underwater basket weaving.
  • Pick up textbooks
    • They're pricey, but if you're buying them online you want plenty of time for shipping. If you can get into the campus bookstore early, you're more likely to get used copies.
  • Buy supplies
    • Over the last term, you may have lost pencils, used all your notebooks, broke your folders, etc. Be sure to have all those supplies purchased!

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And the 2013 color of the year is...

Emerald! Pantone has declared Emerald as the 2013 color of the year. It's been called Lively, radiant, and lush. Expect to see a LOT of this color this year.

Don't believe me? Last year, they declared Tangerine Tango as the color of the year, and it was everywhere! Lipsticks, dresses, tights, everything was tangerine and orange. This year, we're going almost to the opposite of the color wheel. Need some inspiration? Here's some great emerald colored pieces - and expect to see more! (To see the collage, read on)

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An interview with my younger sister

I have a younger sister named Ariel, and let me tell you, she is awesome. She has some awesome style, seriously. I frequently go to her before I walk out of the house, and she always rocks. To see some sweet pictures and get to know here a little, read on.

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Take Two: The Start of a New Year

Let me first say, I'm sorry I was gone for so long. My life had gotten extremely busy with school and work. Now, I've decided to start again. I hope it goes well this time!

Anyways, happy new year to anyone who continues reading and to whatever new readers I get! I am not fond of resolutions because I think they usually just cause stress and failure, so they're a bit of a waste. I do however, have a goal to keep up my blog this year. It was officially written as something I wanted to do in November. So, this is where effort is going.

Today's trend of the day on the Vogue Italia website is colored lace! I already love lace so much but the different colors make it so much more flexible. Black and darker reds are typically punkier, pastels are girly and so ready for spring. Lace can go from being formal to party, just because of the color. It's something that you can find on runways and in every store, and it's even on some people who aren't fashion-savvy. Basically, I love the flexibility. 
[Left photo from; Read on for more looks]

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