Pepper Potts on Halloween

Halloween is exactly 6 days away, and I am all ready for it! I plan on dressing up as Pepper Potts and my Boyfriend is going to be Tony Stark. I've been so excited, I went on to Polyvore to make this set.
I plan on wearing something very similar, however, it is not quite the same. I'm wearing a blazer from Forever 21 with a pencil skirt, a blue tank top, and beige heels. The makeup is going to be very natural, much like what Pepper wears in the movies. My Boyfriend will be in jeans, a set of lights as an arc reactor, and a Black Sabbath t-shirt that Tony dons multiple times. (Avengers shot here)
I wanted to be Pepper for two reasons; one, I am in love with Tony Stark. Two, she not only saves the day, but she does it looking fabulous! Seriously, it's rare that she doesn't look splendid. (And her dress in the first movie, SO HOT!)

What are you going to be for Halloween?

Pepper Potts

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