Time for a Change

I love pink. I love it a lot. However, a lot of people really had no clue that my hair has been pink for the past month or so. Why? I hated it. I had an image in my head, and it came out the opposite. I never took many pictures of it, I just wasn't fond. I did take a few pictures, which are here for you to see so that you can understand my change.

So, because I hated it, I ordered something a little different. See the journey in the pictures below, and see how I went from pink to this:
Two things before I move on: One, I have never, ever, ever, posted pictures of my face without makeup. I'm still a little iffy on that one. Two, school is starting so my posts will become a little scarce, but they will not cease!
On to the dying:
I used Pravana Vivids in Violet mixed with some Magenta to brighten it. I also used Silver on one side, for fun. To pre-lighten I used Ion Color Brilliance liquid formula in HL-B (High Lift Ash Blonde) with a 1:2 ratio of 30 volume developer. (I've dyed my hair a lot. I'm more than willing to help with and give advice on at-home dying!)

Here's some pictures of mixing the violet and magenta, as well as preparing the silver in a smaller container.

Aaaand I take the first stroke of purple!

Then my boyfriend takes over for the rest of the purple.
Purple's done!
After I do the Silver
That's what it looks like so far!

Now, Drum roll please...
All done!! This is my new hair color. I can't wait to do an outfit post with this now.(;

What do you think of it? Have you ever wanted to try a weird color?

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