Getting Ready for the First Day Back

I currently attend my local community college and go back from break this Monday (Already!?). Seeing as it's time to get preparing, I thought I'd do a post of the back-to-school basics. This post is a checklist as well as a collage of my backpack basics. Keep reading for more!

What should already be done:

  • Register/Pay for classes
    • We usually have to do this part in the middle of the term prior to the one we're going into. Always register ASAP so you don't get stuck with underwater basket weaving.
  • Pick up textbooks
    • They're pricey, but if you're buying them online you want plenty of time for shipping. If you can get into the campus bookstore early, you're more likely to get used copies.
  • Buy supplies
    • Over the last term, you may have lost pencils, used all your notebooks, broke your folders, etc. Be sure to have all those supplies purchased!

Now, in the 1-2  days before this is what needs to be done:
  • Print your class schedule
    • This can be huge! I can't count the times I've been late because I was looking up where and when my class was on my phone (Which is not very fast!) Another bonus, if you take public transit, write down the schedule for that under your class schedule.
  • Pack your bag for the first day
    • Having it packed early will help make your morning easier. I also have a collage below with my backpack basics!
  • Clean up!
    • Room, kitchen, whole apartment, anything. If it's spotless now, it'll be easier to take care of one your life gets busy.
  • Last minute e-mail check
    • You should be checking regularly anyways for updates from your teachers, but sometimes they'll send you stuff early, stuff you need to bring for the first day, or extra credit that's due the first day. That can be huge!
  • Stress relief
    • Take a bubble bath, put on a face mask, exercise, do whatever relaxes you. If you start with low stress you can maintain low stress.
  • Lots of sleep
    • Nobody wants to go to school groggy. You won't look good, and it'll be really hard to focus. Just go to sleep. It's a good habit during school anyways.

1: Backpack (Victoria's Secret PINK $40)
2: Textbooks
3: iPod or other music player
4: Wallet (Modcloth $20)
5: Makeup for touch-ups
6: Healthy snacks
7: Phone
8: Mechanical pencils
9: Comb

Obviously, these items are interchangeable with your own! For textbooks, you should definitely only pack the ones you need for that day, it helps to lighten your load. I don't actually like Apple products, so my phone doubles as something to listen to music with. Having music is awesome when you're just studying or working in class. Definitely need to have your wallet with you, you never know when you need bus fare (if your car breaks down) or extra food. Also, this wallet is awesome. I actually think I'm buying it. SO CUTE.
Healthy snacks are good to give you extra energy between classes, water bottles are a good idea too. If you have a smartphone, it's a good idea to have your school email set up to it so that you can check it throughout the day. Mechanical pencils are nice because they don't need sharpeners. Your comb and makeup basics (Powder, concealer, mascara, lipstick) are so that you can look awesome all day, even when trouble arises.

That's all for my tips! For those going to school, have a great term!

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