Forever 21+ Winter Commercial

Forever 21+ is probably my absolute most favorite thing in the world. Not only is it made for me and my curvy sisters, but it fits, and it's cute! (Bonus: Doesn't take my whole paycheck to buy one shirt) Usually, plus size clothing is so blah. We get stuck wearing boring clothes with killer shoes and accessories, because they'll fit anyways. It's a little frustrating really, but if there's one place that gets it, it's Forever 21+.
Today, I ordered some more things online from the store, and then decided to check out the blog. This video was featured, so I had to see it. I really like it. It's just like anyone else's commercial campaign, but it's for big girls. I think this store (and the others who are starting to sell plus size) are going to help people realize the huge market there is for plus sized women. I think that someday, fashion really will see all bodies as beautiful.

What do you all think? Do you have a favorite place to shop (it doesn't have to be plus-sized!)

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